The Best Telecoms Press Release Examples

Whether you’re launching a new phone or the latest streaming platform, you need to nail your telecoms PR. Get a feel for what works from these tried-and-tested telecoms press release examples.

The Best *Telecoms* Press Release Examples

What is a telecoms press release?

A telecoms press release is designed to drum up coverage around telecoms products and services. That can be anything from a new cell phone release (overlapping with the tech press release niche) to a network expansion.

Understandably, the latter can get a bit dry.

Dry is ok if you're targeting very technical publications and suppliers, where accuracy and brevity are like gold dust, but one of the perks of modern PR is that it doesn't limit itself to the media: anyone can be your audience so long as that fits your brand strategy.

Targeting consumers and lifestyle publications, for example, can be an excellent strategy for consumer-facing products and services. Just take a look at the two Telenet examples below – one leads with a serious headshot announcing an acquisition, while the other sticks a splash image of Frozen and Dumbo front and center. Because the audiences for the two stories are different.

But there are a few things universal to all great press releases:

  • They tell one clear story
  • Include assets (or a press kit)
  • Are localized to all relevant regions
  • Provide contact details

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