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Revamping billing: A new Plans page & a self-upgrade option

More control over billing settings, plus a better overview of subscription & plan limits

Behind the scenes at Prezly, we've been improving the way our users handle their billing and plan details, and we're excited to finally announce our latest release!

Meet the brand new Plans page, the improved Billing page, and last, but definitely not least, the ability to self-upgrade directly in the Prezly app ✨

So, what's new in Prezly's billing environment?

NEW Plans page

  • Have a complete overview of all available Prezly plans
  • Easily compare plans side-by-side to decide on a plan that best suits your needs
  • Manage your plan or upgrade to a better plan directly from the app, without having to contact support first
Upgrade your plan in just a matter of clicks!
1. Choose a plan
2. Confirm your billing information
3. Review the details of your upgrade and purchase your plan upgrade!


Improved Billing Page

  • Manage all billing information and payment details in one convenient place
  • Have a quick overview of your current plan availability and limits
  • Update your payment method and keep track of your account renewal date


For more information on billing, plans, and upgrades, click here. Have any feedback or questions about managing billing and plans? We want to hear it all – let us know via our chat support!

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