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Moving to HTTPS on Prezly

Moving to HTTPS on Prezly

We took Prezly "HTTPS everywhere". That is, every URL on Prezly newsrooms enforces the HTTPS (SSL) protocol. Non-secure HTTP requests get redirected to HTTPS.

Why switch to HTTPS?

  • Security. When you enforce HTTPS, you're guaranteeing no information passed between the server and client can be intercepted and stolen or messed with in any way
  • Search Engine Optimization. Google is very clear about this. You will rank higher on https.
  • Newsroom as it is intended. Some hotel WiFi system and even internet providers that mess with HTTP traffic and do things like inserting their own advertising code. Can't do that over HTTPS. Check...Mate!
  • Geek cred. Duh

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HTTPS make my site slower?

This used to be true, but technologies like HTTP/2 have significantly improved performance. In some cases, encrypted HTTP/2 traffic even outperforms its un-encrypted counterpart.  We invest heavily to make sure Prezly servers are globally distributed and compatible with the latest emerging technologies to ensure the best possible user experience.

How do I get those annoying security warnings to go away?

In general, you should never see security warnings while using Prezly newsrooms. If you do, please email support and let us know the details.

What about custom domains?

If you have a custom domain on your Prezly newsroom we secure it using an SSL certificate from the Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority.  

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