Find the right people in an instant with Segments

Find the right people in an instant with Segments

Prezly allows you to use a wide range of filters to carefully segment your contacts. But sometimes, there's a combination of filters that you use often. And you don't always have the time to start the segmentation process all over again.

That's why we've developed Segments. They allow you to save filter combinations, so that your most often used and important selections are always within reach. 

So what do these new Segments bring to the table, exactly? 

Maintaining lists with ease

Let's say you often target Dutch-speaking fashion bloggers. Before, the easiest way to quickly access those contacts was by applying a range of filters, and then adding a tag to the matching contacts. For example: "fashion_blogger_NL". 


What's the drawback? It's difficult to maintain a list stored in a tag over a longer period of time. For example: adding a new Dutch-speaking fashion blogger to your database would also mean you'd have to tag that person with "fashion_blogger_NL" in order to have them in your list. 

With Segments, that's a problem of the past. A Segment stores the necessary filters for you. New contact? Simply add the info you would normally, and they will automatically show up in your Segment. 

Easy contact maintenance

Some Prezly clients have made a habit of doing regular meetings where they go over certain selections of contacts, share new information they have found out about those contacts, and update them accordingly. With Segments, such tasks become much easier. They might run through a Segment, for example, and notice that certain key contacts are missing. They can then add them by simply updating those key contacts' information. 

Surfacing contacts that need your attention

Sometimes, email addresses become outdated, contacts unsubscribe, or new people find your newsroom and subscribe. To keep a close eye on those contacts that need your attention, you can now set up a simple Segment, that automatically updates. To keep track of new subscribers, for example, you can set up a Segment with a Subscribe filter. Every time someone new enters your database, you'll know about it, and you can review and adjust their information. ​ 

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