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Media Pitch Checklist

Shape the story


Honestly, is it a first/ leading/ biggest?


Why now? How does it change things in the world?


What’s the wider/ challenge or problem? Use data/ experts/ evidence.


Precisely who cares? Aim stories carefully, don’t try to be all things.


Can you match one of the seven basic plots?

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Write it


Tell a real story, not just “what happened”.

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First sentence

Tell the entire story in a single, clear sentence.

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Write quotes as if they are from a follow-on interview after the announcement and say something new.

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No buzzwords

Don’t be ‘excited’, don’t say you’re the ‘leading’, don’t use technical jargon. Delete and replace.

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Perfect proof

Proof read at least twice and always from a fresh set of eyes.

The 5 Ws

Have you answered: who, what, where, when, why?

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Be clear about how readers can find out more

Go the extra mile


Are there high resolution photos? Do you have supporting video? Where are they stored to make access easy?

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Is it responsive for mobile? Is it easy to find supporting stories and context?

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Is it easy to share and is this a credible source people will want to share?

Choose targets


Who does your story effect? Where do those people look for information?


Is there a precedent that shows this area is interesting? Find it and use it to support the relevance of your pitch.


What does your story help your target do? Write? Learn? Be honest about whether you are providing value.


Have you packaged this right? Should it be a big announcement or a small blog update? Maybe even a video or a tweet?

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How long since your last news? Realistically, is this a big story or small?

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Reach out


Offer the story in advance but always get agreement to respect embargo dates. This gives them time to prepare a good story.

Be authentic

Contact targets one by one, considering their needs. Don’t play tricks with “from” lines or mail merge -- it will always backfire.


Introduce yourself up front or when you first realise you may be relevant. Give context before they need it.

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Call to action

Make it clear what you want. Use bold, keep things short.

Easy download

Never attach documents, link to somewhere it’s easy to download.

Share on social

Link to the hosted version of the announcement on social networks, share across your company.



Measure open rates, clickthroughs, and responses for every pitch email. Did it reach targets/ goals for strategy, not just coverage?

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How has it improved relationships with influencers? Can you use it as opportunity to learn more if not interested?

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