Creating Campaigns

Quickly get to grips with setting up effective Campaigns in Prezly.

Help: Creating an email Campaign
Creating Campaigns

Creating an email Campaign

How to distribute your latest press releases to your Contacts
Help: Composing an email
Creating Campaigns

Composing an email

How to choose a sender address, personalize your email body, add a story, and more
Help: Adding contacts & reviewing recipients
Creating Campaigns

Adding contacts & reviewing recipients

How to make sure your campaign reaches the right contacts
Help: Sending or scheduling your Campaigns
Creating Campaigns

Sending or scheduling your Campaigns

How to send a campaign immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later date and time
Help: Personalizing your email Campaigns
Creating Campaigns

Personalizing your email Campaigns

Use dynamic content information to personalize your Email Campaigns
Help: Create & send Pitches
Creating Campaigns

Create & send Pitches

How to send one-to-one emails using Pitches
Help: Embedding multimedia in a campaign
Creating Campaigns

Embedding multimedia in a campaign

Add inline images, videos, logged coverage, attachments & social posts to campaigns

Video tutorials

Bitesize video recordings to turn you into a Prezly pro in no time.