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How to send one-to-one emails using pitches

Pitches are perfect for when you need to send an email to that one VIP contact quickly. Unlike sending Campaigns, Pitches are more straightforward – there is no adding contacts and reviewing your recipients list before you hit that send button. ⚡️

The Pitches page is where all your pitches – drafts or sent – are stored so you can easily see if they were delivered, undelivered, or opened.

Oftentimes, pitches need to be sent urgently, which is why we have made it easy to create and send pitches from several other areas in Prezly, such as:

  • Contacts page
    Find the specific contact you would like to pitch to, hover over the contact row and click on the "•••" menu
  • Stories page
    Select the story you wish to share in a pitch. Click on the "•••" menu on the right, then click on "Create Pitch" and the story will be added to the pitch composer
  • Campaigns page
    You can resend a sent campaign as a pitch by clicking on the "•••" button and then selecting the "Create Pitch" option – all the content from the sent campaign will be added automatically to the new pitch
  • Campaign Report page
    Resend the email campaign as a new pitch by clicking on "Send to" in the top right corner of the report, and then selecting "Another contact"
  • Story Editor
    Create a pitch directly from the Story Editor by clicking on the "New pitch" button in the top-right corner of the right side bar menu

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