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Introducing the brand new Lena theme

A brand new theme for you to try, reordering site categories and (coming soon) adding tables to stories


What's new in Prezly?

  • NEW: Introducing: The Lena theme
  • NEW: Reordering site categories
  • COMING SOON: Adding tables to stories
  • IMPROVEMENT: Story bookmark: find stories by URL

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Introducing: The Lena theme

We’ve released another new theme that you can find in your Themes settings!

Meet Lena, the latest of our new generation of themes, which gives sites a more modern yet organized look, and this brand new layout shows off easier access to site categories that are always visible on the navigation bar.

This theme features a responsive design that gives image-centric sites with multiple categories that extra oomph. See how to activate Lena for your site →

Site categories look best on the Lena theme


Reordering site categories

When it comes to site categories, we’ve also recently released a new feature that enables you to drag and rearrange your categories in any order you wish for them to be displayed on your site.


COMING SOON: Adding tables to stories

We have another update coming to the story editor very soon!

Adding tables to your stories! This update is currently in the testing phase and we’ll be sharing more details around new feature in the coming weeks.


Story bookmark improvement: Find stories by URL

When adding a story bookmark, you can easily find the story just by pasting its URL. This saves you time from having to go through a list of your stories, especially if you have many different sites and publish stories.


Bug fixes ✓

  • Fixed issue that was causing an error message to show when users try to unlink their custom domain
  • Fixed issue in the Contacts page, where editing contacts from the grid was broken
  • Fixed issue with the notifications being linked to incorrect location

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