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Tell your story in full colour

Putting images in your press release doubles the chance of it getting noticed; video quadruples it. But how to send your media assets in a way that's easy to access and doesn't overload your contact's inbox?

Here's how Prezly can help you get a slice of the pie 🥧

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No "use by" date

Ever had a journo shake you down for images because the link you sent two weeks ago has expired? Well, never again.

With Prezly, you can create limitless galleries of images, videos and more, safe in the knowledge that the link will work when you need it to.

Easy private sharing

Need to share some assets with your contacts but don't want anyone else getting hold of them? Easy.

Passwords make life hard for journalists, and can result in people dropping your story if they can't access your assets.

With Prezly, you can publish your galleries in private, share the coded link with precisely who you want – and that's it, job done! No hassle, no fuss. It just works :)

Embed everything

From logos to indulgent hi-res galleries, product trailers, interviews, podcasts, tweets and more, you can embed whatever your heart desires into your story. 

And don't worry – Prezly’s smart software makes sure your emails will never be too heavy for any inbox.

Capture your audience

Even the most salient points can get lost in a sea of text. 

Visuals help you get your most important news across fast, entertain your audience and make you stand out in their imagination. 

With Prezly, embedding multimedia in your campaigns is as easy as 🥧

Prep journalists

Is there anything worse than opening that long-awaited piece of coverage only to find that the photo of your CEO they’ve used is from 2015? Yikes; not a good vintage. 

Avoid all the drama by including hi-res photos, logos, concepts and more on your official newsroom.

Manage your entire PR workflow


Whether you’re running PR in-house or as part of a big agency, we have all the tools you need to deliver the right story to each contact, every time.


Create effective press releases and publish them in a fully on-brand multimedia newsroom complete with all the assets your audience could want.


Create beautiful online newsrooms, publish your stories, embed multimedia and build your audience, all without relying on your tech team.


Save time on reporting. Prezly links each news piece with an author, outlet and story, so you can get performance data and report in just a few clicks.