Various small changes and bugfixes

Newsroom look&feel, branding page and more

We have just released a new 'newsroom branding' settings page. This update provides more flexibility around the look & feel of your newsroom which is important for the upcoming themes project.

By breaking up the previous page into 'Branding' and 'Theme' settings your logo (and maybe later brand colors) are untouched while experimenting or previewing upcoming themes.

Newsroom Settings > Branding
Newsroom Settings > Branding
  • Improved panel spacing on story edit
  • Reorganised newsroom settings sidebar menu
  • Added information panel from Look & Feel page with shortcut to branding settings
  • Story Preview improvements
    • Warn about outdated/unsaved changes
    • Show preview iframe even if the newsroom was custom built/self-hosted
    • Auto size the preview panel to get rid of one scrollbar
  • Fixed display of image captions for all versions of outlook
  • Fixed issue where the organisation settings sidebar was displayed on new accounts
  • Improved alphabetical sorting of newsrooms (case sensitivity)
  • Fixed spacing around panels on story edit page
  • Add new culture fr-LU (French Luxembourg)
  • Fixed a bug where newsroom cache was not refreshed on boilerplate update
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