Picking up speed at Prezly 🚀

During the summer months, we worked on ways to make Prezly even faster. We're always looking at speed of our application and making sure it's up to speed whether you're sending a pitch to one person or a campaign to all of your contacts.

Here's a list of things we improved:

  • Faster email processing
    From sending to getting report events, such as opened, replied, and undelivered stats
  • Faster loading for the contact list sidebar
    There's always a ton of information we crunch before displaying them on the left sidebar of the Contacts page, such as segments, subscribed or unsubscribed, as well as bounced filters. Now, the sidebar loads much faster!


Other improvements and fixes

  • We've added a newsrooms page where you can have a clear overview of your online and archived newsrooms in a separate table, as well as delete archived newsrooms when you wish to do a little housekeeping.
  • Improve UI for creating and editing newsroom (multi-language) categories
  • Fixed bug with contact enrichment in sidebar, date wasn't always updating correctly
  • Improved a preview text shown in Gmail
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