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We've renamed the Newsrooms feature. It is now called Sites in the Prezly app and help center.

Over the years, Prezly has been the right-hand man, the sidekick for many PR and comms teams. But somewhere down the line, we started to see clients using Prezly for creating content outside the PR/press releases bubble, like for blogs, online magazines, internal company updates, portfolios, and so on.

And so we thought that continuing to call it "newsrooms" would be fencing your creativity in, when you can do so much more than that!

This has been brewing in the Prezly lab for a while, but we're excited to let you know that this update is happening very soon and we hope it helps boost the way you create and share content with the rest of the world :)

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Other fixes and improvements

  • Added breadcrumbs to the Story editor header that links back to the site's stories or settings page
  • Moved trial sign up inside the app
  • Added skeleton loading for the Story editor
  • Added more ways to get to sites settings from different parts of the app
  • Fixed issue with accessing site analytics, settings, and visit newsroom panel
  • Fixed story editor issue showing warning modal even when changes were saved
  • Created new success modal for when stories are scheduled
  • Added 'Share' story options in the story editor settings
  • Fixed bug with URLs in campaigns being changed once story is published
  • Embargo and Confidential story visibilities have been moved to Feature labs
  • Fixed error with selecting PRpro in story editor when trying to publish

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