3 PR Benefits of a Company Blog

Having a company blog is a great way to drive new traffic to your website, introduce fans and followers to your brand, and improve your SEO rankings. But did you know that blogging is also great for PR? Whether or not you’re between big press announcements, here are three ways that blogging can help you garner media attention.

1. Turn a popular blog post into a media pitch. 

Blogging is a very different style of writing to press releases or company announcements, but that doesn’t mean journalists won’t be interested. If your blog helps your readers solve problems, offers insightful or provocative takes on the industry, or presents data in new and interesting ways, try pitching a popular post to a journalist who covers similar beats. Even if you don’t get a full-blown cover story, you’ll show that you’re a valuable resource for industry information.

2. Recap industry news and events. 

Post detailed and thoughtful recaps of every event you attend in your industry, as well as significant industry news, on your blog. Think like a journalist, and include all the information a journalist covering the event would need.

The trick is to publish these recaps fast (the next day is too late) and send them to your key media contacts before they’ve had a chance to write their perspectives. Accomplish that, and you’ve effectively helped them do their jobs faster and better, and will be much more likely to return the favor when you come looking for PR coverage.

3. Match your content calendar to those of your target publications. 

While you can’t predict everything that your target publications will publish, you should have a pretty good sense of your industry’s rhythms and stay abreast of industry conversations online.

If a popular company is about to go public, for example, or if a hot new trend has your industry all abuzz, you can guess that people will be writing about it. Inject your perspective into the conversation early, and you have a better chance of shaping it. The more you can guide a conversation, the more journalists will look to you to help them tell their stories.


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