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Prezly is an enterprise platform for newsrooms, contact management, and outreach: the better way to do stakeholder communication.

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How Prezly Helps Communication Teams

1. Get to know your brand’s stakeholders with THE PR software CRM

Prezly is bespoke public relations software that helps you escape media list Excel hell. You might call it a PR CRM.

  • Enrich your contacts. Put a face on all those email addresses. Create rich influencer profiles: media type, frequency, areas of interest, contact details... it’s tailored for communications teams.
  • Track engagement. Did your contacts open your emails? Did they reply? What time? Find out with Prezly. Understand what journalists, influencers, and stakeholders are interested in.

Getting started is easy: Just import your Excel list or export your contact lists from PR tools like Cision, Augure or Gorkana.

The prezly CRM for PR teams

PR contact segmentation

“It took our PR team at least half a day to get the right message to the right stakeholders. Now we do it in an hour. ” – More

Gorik Van Holen
Gorik Van Holen

2. Organise and segment your contacts with Prezly’s PR software

Brands have a range of stakeholders that they want to communicate with.

  • With the Prezly PR tool it’s easy to keep an overview of all your contacts: media, bloggers, social media influencers, board members, employees.
  • The filtering and segmentation options make it a breeze to choose the right contacts to reach out to.

All in one place. One. Central. Hub.

PR workflow experts from Prezly

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3. Get better results and reach stakeholders quickly with beautiful multimedia emails

Sending stories to many people can be a drag with traditional tools like Outlook or Gmail: Send limits; large attachments lead to bounce-backs; no tracking.

There is a better way. Prezly lets you:

  • Create beautiful multimedia emails that load super fast.
  • Personalise bulk multimedia email distribution.
  • Pitch individual contacts with tailored outreach.
  • Be confident that your multimedia email will be delivered looking how it did when you sent it.
  • Track engagement by learning who opened, clicked or replied.

Journalists and bloggers love Prezly because it makes their life easier. Watch your open rates go through the roof.

Multimedia press release distribution emails
Online newsrooms

4. Create slick, attractive and super-functional online newsrooms

Did you know one third of people who view your online newsrooms have landed there via a search engine?

Every company needs an online news hub, right? But do it yourself and you’ll quickly spend tens of thousands dollars and months to get it built. With the best PR software (Prezly, of course) you can get going immediately.

  • Your stunning Prezly online newsroom is optimized to be found on search engines, and shareable on social media.
  • It’s easy to set up and brand with your corporate identity.

And we can help integrate the newsroom into your website.

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More beautiful news release examples

5. Get a grip on your comms

The life of the modern-day corporate comms director is hard. With different departments communicating with stakeholders, it’s a hard job keeping everyone coordinated. Prezly has you covered.

  • Prezly helps your different teams and agencies collaborate. Share contacts, learn, and retain that all-important stakeholder relationship history in one central hub.
  • See what other colleagues are doing. There’s nothing worse than two people from the same company pitching the same journalist/influencer on the same day.
  • Define which department or region can send information to your individual channels by setting permissions or granting your agency access to a specific newsroom.

Delegate control with confidence, and empower your teams.

“Prezly gives me a central place to manage my stories, contacts, and outreach. It's integral to my PR workflow. ” – More

Tom Van de Vreken
Tom Van de Vreken
Spokesperson De Lijn

6. Ready to use out of the box

Prezly has a beautiful and intuitive interface. One of our customers says it’s like his iPad... he just knows how it works.

  • Built and developed specifically for corporate communications teams. Not sales teams.
  • Instant support.
  • Loads of training videos and documentation.

Prezly is plug and play. It really is that easy.

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