Keep your team on the same page

  • Easy-to-use gated company newsrooms

  • Share team updates via campaigns

  • Track internal campaign report analytics


Internal comms

With so many teams going remote, healthy internal communication has become more important than ever.

With Prezly you can:

  • Create private newsrooms

  • Control who can (and can't) see your stories

  • Send internal campaigns to your whole team


Protect internal company news

Don't want private company info being shared with the world? You can control who can (and can't) see your news. Plus, you can add VPN access for extra security.


Internal email campaigns

Your team doesn't have the time to scroll through the company newsroom? Send updates straight to their inbox with internal email campaigns!


The internal news platform is a big advantage for us. We did not have to invest in another tool for internal communications.

William MeerschautHyundai
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We use our own tool for our internal communications!

Meet Heartbeat, the *heartbeat* of Prezly. We publish and distribute our internal communications through our own service.

Sure, we may be biased, but it's pretty great.

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