Prezly for Crisis Communication

Launch your crisis comms in minutes, not hours

Set up contingency newsrooms, emergency contact segments, dark sites and more, so when disaster strikes, you can switch to crisis comms mode in a flash.

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Activate crisis comms in seconds

It's estimated that companies have just 15 minutes to issue their first public comms once an accident is reported. Any delay can seriously damage both reputation and business. The key? Preparation.

Prezly helps you set up contingency newsrooms, emergency contact segments, dark sites and more, so when disaster strikes – however big or small – you can switch to crisis comms mode in moments.


Using Prezly with different departments makes it easy to reuse each other’s messages while keeping them customized in function of the target group.

Korneel WarlopAB InBev
AB InBev
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Korneel Warlop

Cater to millions of visitors without blinking

Are you worried about uptime due to a sudden increase in visitors? During times of crisis, you can't afford to be dealing with technical issues.

With Prezly, your news will be available online instantly and delivered to stakeholders' mailboxes in seconds.


I love Prezly. It is easy, practical, and super accessible for stakeholders. It has made my life much easier.

Dominique NellensEstée Lauder
Estée Lauder
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Dominique Nellens

Global news, local outreach

Want global distribution that’s consistent, measurable and impactful? Prezly allows you to easily customize your content to a local market.

Simply create a master story complete with assets, duplicate in two clicks and tweak to localize.


Most importantly, Prezly has one of the best customer services out there as they are quick and genuinely care.

Josh S.

Security & data compliance

Serious about security? So are we. Years of experience rolling out our software to the biggest companies in the world mean you’ll always get the world-standard guarantee around security, data compliance and GDPR.


Prezly makes public relations more tangible and effective. Its tools are vital to get measurable results.

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