Sports Press Release Examples to Help You Hit a Home Run

Athlete, events organizer, sports club? Whatever your level, get your latest sports news seen by learning from the best with our top-performing sports press release examples.

*Sports* Press Release Examples to Help You Hit a Home Run

What is a sports press release?

A sports press release is a press release about sports, usually issued by sports brands and organizations. Sorry to blow your mind, Google.

Seriously though, the key thing that all sports press releases have in common is fans. Even people who don't care about politics or the economy or what brand of washing liquid they buy have a favorite sports team, more often than not linked with where they grew up or what sort of person they see themselves as being. Newcastle FC fan? You can guess that they'll love an underdog.

That's why it's a huge advantage if you're a fan yourself.

As with all PR and storytelling for business, the key thing is understanding your audience. Once you have that cracked, everything else is icing.

As well as abiding by the general advice on how to write a great press release, your sports PR might want to include a few special features:

  • Lead with dynamic visuals. The people you're speaking to, whether that's consumer fans or the media (also fans), love the game and the feel of adventure – so spoil them
  • Speak as an insider and get excited. This is what we touched on before, but its important cannot be overstated. If you aren't a fan yourself, become one – or hire someone who is
  • Make it social media friendly. Give people a way to shout about the thing they love, on the platform they're addicted to. If you're embedding a video, include a vertical version for TikTok. Sharing images? Make some of them square for IG

Take a look at the examples below, which range from partnership announcements to events to product launches, to get a feel for what approach could work for you.

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