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Upload, Manage and Report Your Coverage. ✅

Upload, Manage and Report Your Coverage. ✅

Here's what's been on our minds lately: Linking your coverage to a contact or organisation would help make your PR workflow a whole lot easier, which is why we've decided to work on getting Coverage inside Prezly!

We recently asked some of our users about what new feature would be the most helpful to them on Prezly. Many of them mentioned that being able to link any coverage or clippings to journalists, authors, or organisation would really improve the way they stay on top of all press and media coverage.

The idea behind this is to simplify uploading, managing and reporting for all the media clippings your campaigns generate by putting it in one place. So, over the last quarter, we started rolling out our new coverage feature, which will be available for all accounts on the Expert plan 🔜!

This latest release is still an early version, but here's a few reasons why it's something to be excited about.

👀Overview of all the coverage in your Prezly account

Having a full overview makes it easier for you to monitor, manage relations and make the most of your media coverage.

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👯‍♀️Prezly users will be able to upload two types of coverage

  1. Files like PDFs or any document that has a scan or text version of an article
  2. Links to online news articles, podcasts or even a tweet
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➡️Share your coverage via email campaigns on pitches

Our new Coverage features also enable you to take your target industry media exposure up a notch — let everyone know that people are talking about your brand!

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So, it's time to get your name out and start building more connections with all our new Coverage features ready to go live for you.

📝A quick note...

We are gradually rolling out the new coverage feature to new accounts. If you'd like to speed up that process and test it today, feel free to let us know through our chat!

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