Setting up your newsroom contacts

Add team contact details to your newsrooms so readers know how to reach you

You can add press contacts to your newsroom by clicking on "Contacts" under the Content section of your Newsroom Settings page.

Once you're on the Contacts page, click on the green "Add contact" button and fill in the contact details.

💡If you have a newsroom with multiple languages, make sure you also select which languages your press contact is related to.  

You can also choose whether or not you want contact details to be shown on your newsroom homepage by checking the "Show on newsroom homepage" box:

If you check the box, the contact details will appear above your newsroom footer, as seen in the example below.

If you choose not to show the contact details on your newsroom, you'll be able to use that contact information only in Stories. See how to add newsroom contacts to your Stories.