Removing tags

How to un-tag your contacts.

Removing tags from multiple contacts at once

You can add or remove tags from multiple people when viewing your contact grid. To do this, select the contacts you want to add tags to or remove tags from by checking the box next to their names, click the ••• button, and then choose Remove tags.

This will open an overlay where you can choose which tags to remove from your selected contacts.


You can select contacts while using a filter or viewing a segment.

Removing tags using the contact preview side-panel

You can also remove tags while viewing individual contacts. To do this, click on the contact from which you want to remove the tag. A side-panel with the information for that contact will appear.

Scroll down the Profile tab in the contact side-panel until you see the Tags section. Here, click the little x next to a tag to remove it, or select Manage to manage all of the tags in your account. Learn more about managing tags

You can also click Add to link additional tags to your selected contact.


Deleting a tag from your account

You can also remove a tag permanently from your database using your Manage tags page, which you can access by clicking Contacts and then Tags in the left sidebar.

Once there, click the ··· button to the right of the individual tag you want to delete.

To delete multiple tags, use the checkboxes to the left of the tag names to select the tags you want to delete, then click the ··· button to the right of the Merge option and select Delete.

You will be asked to confirm the change before the tags are deleted from your database.


Note: when you delete a tag, it will disappear from your Prezly account and from the profiles of any contacts tagged with that tag. The contacts themselves will remain in your Prezly contacts list.

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