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How we use your feedback

Help us help you 🤝


We know surveys might not be the most exciting thing for you to do, especially when they appear while you're in the middle of working on something. The last thing we want to do is get in the way of your work but finding the right time to reach everyone isn't the easiest!

We want to continue building a product that helps you do your best PR work and believe that honest feedback from the people who use the tool is the best way for us to do that. So if you have a minute to leave us some feedback, we'd really appreciate it. :)

Here’s a snippet of our in-app NPS survey:

But don't worry! It doesn't pop up too often.

We use an industry standard method of collecting feedback from our users called NPS (Net Promoter Score). Through NPS surveys, we are able to collect feedback directly from customers.

Customers receive their first survey after they've logged their first 10 sessions with Prezly, then every 3 months after that. Sessions are unique per day and only tracked starting from the very moment we first receive data for a user.


How does this help us?

This survey asks customers to rate their likelihood of recommending us to others on a scale from 0 to 10. These numerical ratings let us know how we’re doing and gives us some indication of the experience customers are having with Prezly.

We’ll then ask if customers would like to share any other comments or feedback about what they're really enjoying about our tool 😍or how you think we need to improve 🙁.


What happens after you leave your feedback?

First of all, we never share any of this information with anyone. Customer feedback is never posted publicly and is only ever used by Prezly teams to work on improving our tool.

Once you've taken time out of your day to give us feedback – whether it's good or bad – it’s time for us to make sure that feedback is looked at and gets put to good use.

We're a small team and try our best to act on feedback, so any comments we get here are always much appreciated and help us make better decisions about our product going forward.


Thanks for your help! 🙌

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