Prezly product training

Get a personalized, hands-on training session for you and your team

Online product training with a Prezlian

If you're new to Prezly or have new team members using our tool for the first time, we've got you covered.

Get the most out of Prezly with personalized online product training that is tailored to what you would like to learn, and we'll walk you and your team through your Prezly account in a one-on-one session.

This way, you'll get a great foundation into setting up and configuring your account, and pick up some quick tips and tricks for how to boost your productivity with Prezly.

Start a chat or send an email to, and we'll jump in to schedule a date and time that suits you best!

If you aren't able to schedule a product training session with us, don't worry! We have a full beginners guide to Prezly with everything you need to start using Prezly like a pro.

A full beginner’s guide to Prezly
A full beginner’s guide to Prezly

Or if you require ongoing help, we offer a dedicated Customer Success Manager on our Enterprise plan – let's talk.

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