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An overview of the tool and how it boosts your storytelling

Welcome to Prezly! 👋

When it comes to managing your media contacts, publishing your news, and pitching your top stories, you've come to the right place. To help you get started, you can find more articles and guides in our Help Center, starting from this first article: an overview of what Prezly is and how it helps PR and Comms professionals do their best work. ⚡️

What is Prezly?

Prezly is a storytelling tool that simplifies your publishing and distribution workflow by allowing you to manage and organize contacts, publish press releases in branded sites and share your stories via email campaigns all from one place.

Here's a quick start guide 👀

Prezly is also mobile-friendly. This means you can manage your PR and communications on-the-go.

What can you do with Prezly?

Think of where a PR CRM meets a press release editor and sender – that's Prezly.

You can finally say goodbye to Excel and really mean it this time! Prezly allows you to organize your contacts by dynamic groups, such as tag, location, language, industry, and more – all while publishing your latest stories to interactive and branded sites, so you can always keep your audience engaged.

When you publish your stories in Prezly sites, all your content is SEO-ready and social-friendly. You can also find out which of your media contacts or VIP journalists are engaging with your content, using both built-in and integrated reporting and analytics.

Who uses Prezly?

While we welcome anybody working in PR and comms to give Prezly a try, we've found that the people who really make the most out of Prezly are:

  • Agencies that are looking for a tool that will help their clients improve the way they engage with their audiences.
  • Small businesses and startups that wish to create some buzz around their news and content, and stand out of the crowd.
  • Large companies that are looking to streamline their PR efforts and really reach their audiences on a global level.
  • Nonprofits and charities that want to raise awareness about their work and keep sponsors up to date with their latest news.
  • Freelancers who want to help their clients reach their PR and brand awareness goals.


Interested in seeing what plans we have? Have a look at the different Prezly subscriptions we offer.

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