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Overview of the data sources that make your experience better

At Prezly, we collect data from third parties about your contacts. This enables us to enrich your contact information and gathers deeper insight into who your influencers are and how they will interact with your content.

Below you can find a list of data providers and data sources that we currently use.

Data providers

We gather our data through partnerships with these third-party organizations:

Data sources

From the data partners listed above, we collect a wide variety of data sources:

  • Social Network data – check Fullcontact page for a complete list
  • Company logos
  • Profile pictures
  • Companies that people belong to
  • Community membership – books, movies, and celebrities that people like
  • Interests
  • Published stories and news articles across the internet
  • Tweets
  • Facebook posts from public pages
  • Publicly available social media profiles

Storage and transfer of data

Prezly engages third-party sub-processors to process personal data on Prezly’s behalf. The Sub-processors currently engaged by us and authorized by the Customer are the following:

  • Database (postgres): Ireland, Dublin, Amazon Web Services
  • Logs (elastic): Ireland, Dublin, Amazon Web Services
  • Backups: St. Ghislain, Belgium, Google
  • Assets: CDN (worldwide), Uploadcare

Prezly shall notify the Customer in advance of any new Sub-processor being appointed.

We will only transfer data outside of the EU to Third Countries that offer an appropriate level of data protection.

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