Custom domain for multiple newsrooms/clients

Set up DNS records to allow your team members to create unlimited newsrooms with a whitelabeled url

In some cases (agencies, enterprises with multiple brands, short term campaigns) you want to be able to easily set-up a whitelabeled (own domain) newsroom without having to contact your IT team to update DNS records.

To work around this you can make use of wildcard records that points all subdomains to

Example Fashion Agency 

The name of your agency is "Fashion Agency" and you have a domain on which you want to host all your newsrooms.

Now for the main agency you want to use and have it display a list of logos/clients. Every client will get their own newsroom with a dedicated url such as, or

Step 1

For this to happen you need to set a CNAME record for to

See instructions

Step 2

 A wildcard needs to be installed that points * to  This way team members can easily add new newsrooms and link up.

To verify the setup make use of dig or nslookup:  



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