Categorizing your Stories

See how to add categories to your Stories to help visitors find relevant content

Note: Site categories are only available in Premium and Enterprise plans

Classifying your stories in categories can help visitors easily find content that they are interested in. If this feature is not turned on for your account and you want to learn more about it, please check our Plans & Pricing page or start a chat with us.

Creating a set of categories for your sites 

If you have more than one active site, please note that categories are not shared across sites and must be added in each individual sites' settings. 

💡 Pro Tip: Although our system allows you to create unlimited categories, it is recommended that you should agree with your team internally on a set of categories that you should use for each site so that you can keep your categories tidy and clean to help visitors locate information that they are interested in.


How to add categories

1) Access your Site settings page, and click on Categories


2) Set up your categories in different languages (not mandatory)



3) Next to each category, you can see which language(s) the category is available in 


4) Drag and rearrange your categories in the order you wish for them to be displayed


The reordering site categories features is only available for sites using the Bea, Greta, Marcel or Lena themes. Sites on legacy themes will not be able to reorder their categories


5) Edit your categories any time by clicking the ••• button then Edit category ​ 


Adding categories to your stories 

When creating a story, you'll see your categories listed on the right sidebar. Simply click on the categories section and you'll open a new panel. The categories panel will list all categories you created for this site, you can select one ore more. Once the story is published, it can be found under that selected category on your public site. See below for how categories appear on your sites.



How categories are displayed on your sites

All categories can be found under the category dropdown menu in a site's navigation bar, along with each category's description.

Once clicked, every category has a dedicated URL, such as or


Every published story belonging to a category will also have the category name displayed on the story card. These category tags on story cards are clickable.


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