Account sharing among teammates

Why sharing your login credentials with others is bad for account security & collaboration

These days, most people are aware of the risks of sharing confidential information online. However, many still actively share their login credentials with teammates because they don’t fully understand the disadvantages of account sharing.

What is account sharing?

Sharing account or login details with a teammate and having them sign into Prezly is considered account sharing. Simply put, it refers to a single pair of credentials that multiple users - sometimes across multiple locations - use to access the tool.

Why is account sharing a bad idea?

First of all, it’s important to keep in mind that the security and use history of your account information is your responsibility, which is why any data breach of your account is your responsibility, and activities performed on your account are your liability.

It may not be obvious from the get-go, but sharing account information with others can cause several problems. Here are a few reasons it’s a bad idea:


We simply cannot guarantee the security of our customers if they start sharing usernames and passwords across the team. Oftentimes, people leave the company and then new people come on board, which means that you risk former employees or teammates sharing your information externally. In GDPR, it is our duty as a data processor to advise on security best practices and safeguard personal data.


With account sharing, it is impossible for us to know which user did what, like who made that last export or who sent that last email, for example. If an account is shared across multiple people, we cannot help our customers with these important questions.

Working together

Prezly helps you with your daily workflow, but since accounts are being shared, you can't see specifically who in your team recently reached out to which journalists. You can't see who sent that Campaign 3 months ago. You can't see who made that note on a specific journalists' profile. We've built Prezly as a great tool for teams to collaborate on managing Contacts and publishing Stories, and having individual accounts for each teammate helps teams keep track of each person's activity.

Is account sharing allowed in Prezly?

When you create an account, only you are allowed to access the account that is registered in your name. Account password sharing among teammates is actually a direct violation of our terms of service and condemns any exchange of accounts between individuals. Please see 3.5 in our Terms of Service

We understand that account sharing can make it easier to delegate tasks among teammates, but we strongly advise against sharing your account or password with anyone and we recommend disabling a teammate in order to replace them with another one or adding an extra seat to your Prezly account.

Please contact to learn more about managing or adding users to your account.

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