The new side navigation layout

"To the left, to the left..." 👈 👈 🎶

A left sidebar navigation has long been a faster and more effective way for users to find exactly what they're looking for to get their storytelling work done. So, we've redesigned the app's entire main navigation to help users better navigate our tool through a vertical set of options that is quicker and easier to scan. It's simply a more structured and progressive interface that keeps things compact and frictionless ✨

For more info on what's different in the new navigation, read more here →

The new navigation is also collapsible, giving you the space you need to focus ✨

Other fixes & improvements

  • New pricing page and updated comparison table on
  • Fixed issue with the language toggle in Privacy Settings → Email footer*
  • Improved modal closing in all conditions
  • Fixed "Discard changes" button
  • Upgraded the platform used for creating rich-text editors to the latest version
  • Fixed broken avatars in Campaign reports
  • Improved publish options menu in the Story editor
  • Fixed issue where the subscribe text was not picking up the right language*
  • Updated text on Stories empty state page
  • New: Confirmation message when sending pitch from Story editor


*Applies only to Prezly accounts on the Premium plan


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