Feature Insights: Lena Theme - Athletic sports group Mammut uses the Lena theme to bring their gear to life

Mammut's Lena Wimmer shares how they use the Lena theme (no relation) to showcase Mammut's high-quality sporting gear

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Hello! Welcome to another feature insights, a series that demonstrates how you can get the most out of Prezly's features by showcasing real-life examples from our favorite clients.

Today's topic: Lena theme!

What is Lena theme?

One of Prezly's ever-growing catalog of site themes, Lena is a bright theme with a heavy emphasis on bold visuals and clean lines. Perfect for blogs, newsrooms, magazines, and more, brands wanting to tell their stories through high-quality images and engaging stories will love Lena.

Mammut, a Swiss multinational sporting gear company, uses Lena for their pressroom and media galleries. According to Lena Wimmer, Mammut's Group Communications Manager, Lena theme is perfect for their brand content because of its structure.

Please note: Lena is the name of the theme and the interviewee! This is confusing, and we apologize in advance! What can we say, it's a great name.

"We decided to go with the Lena theme because the text of each story is highlighted more than in other themes. And this helps us a lot to guide the readers through our newsroom and helps them to find the stories that are most relevant for them. And besides that, we also like the clean and modern design and how the quotes and visuals are displayed in the stories."

With Lena, your newest story gets a big, bold showcase. Older stories are organized as smaller cards by date on a professional grid format underneath the newest story.


Organized content to keep your audience informed (and happy)

Journalists, customers and fans want to know what's going on with your brand. Lena makes this easy for them.

Having a place to display all of your high-quality assets, visuals, and logos increases the likelihood that your brand will get that sweet, sweet media coverage. Plus, a central hub is way better than having to go back and forth with a bunch of unorganized emails and image attachments!

"What we mainly see as added value for journalists is the fact that they can use Prezly at any time to get an overview of what’s going on at Mammut. In addition, we created the selection of images in the gallery. They can also use these images for their articles, and they find our logo also on Prezly. So they have everything set up for their articles in the end on one platform."

For Premium and Enterprise plans: Categories are displayed at the top of the page for easy navigation between topics. This navigation bar is visible on all of your pages and stories so readers can easily find what they're looking for, no matter where they may have wandered to within your content.

Another great Lena feature is the sticky social sharing buttons that remain on your stories, so your audience can share with their audience when the inspiration strikes!

Give Lena a whirl

Want to see if Lena will snazz up your storytelling?

Head on over to the Prezly app and go to your Newsroom settings.

Under Design, click Themes. Here you'll be able to pick from the range of Prezly theme options (including Lena, of course) as well as preview themes before committing. It really is that easy, and you can quickly and easily change themes as often as you'd like.

And in case you're on the fence about giving it a go, Lena has some final words of inspiration:

"I would just say give it a go because the platform is so simple to use. You can easily bring your ideas to life with Prezly."

That's a wrap for the Lena theme feature insight!

Thank you so much to Lena Wimmer and Mammut for joining us and sharing their thoughts on the new Prezly theme.

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