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9 Questions that Help Your Social Media Press Release Get Noticed

9 Questions that Help Your Social Media Press Release Get Noticed

Last week, we gave you some tips on how to write better social media releases, but the challenge doesn’t end there. The most beautifully-written press release in the world won’t help you one bit if it doesn’t get picked up by editors.


This week, we offer you 9 questions to ask yourself to help ensure that your press releases aren’t just well-written, but also editor-friendly.

  • Will this story make a real difference for the people who read it?
  • Does this story have a compelling hook?
  • Is a social media press release the right format, or would another format, such as a blog post or email announcement, tell this story better?
  • Is this story legitimate news as opposed to just marketing speak?
  • Would I tell a friend about this story if I saw it in the news?
  • Would I read this story if it appeared in the newspaper?
  • Do I understand exactly who my intended audience for this story is, and does this story address the things they care about?
  • Is this story integrated into my marketing campaigns and my overall brand story?
  • Does this story give editors everything they need to publish it, including solid facts and a media contact?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, your social media press release isn’t ready. It’s not easy to capture the attention of editors and bloggers – put in the extra effort, and they’ll reward you with the coverage you deserve.

What questions do you ask yourself as you’re preparing a release for the wire?

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