10 Stunning Automotive Online Newsrooms Examples

10 Stunning Automotive Online Newsrooms Examples

See how automotive brands use Prezly to showcase press releases and announcements.

Below you will find a list of 10 automotive online newsrooms which have been developed within Prezly.

Online newsrooms provide your stakeholders with easy to access content for stories, a plethora of rich content such as video and social media embeds as well as image galleries, and much more.

With newsrooms, you make it incredibly easy for stakeholders to know the contact details of key individuals. For a stakeholder there is now no need to try and chase contacts or even have up-to-date contact information, it's all within the newsroom.

Pro-tip: Be sure to create a digital press kit so that key information is easy to find for potential media contacts who may be interested in learning more about you.

See how D'Ieteren, one of the largest Belgian car distributers, housing brands such as Audi, Škoda, Seat, Porsche, and other brands uses Prezly.

Bentley Belgium’s Online Newsroom

Example: Clean, minimalist design
Clean, minimalist design

Lamborghini Brussels’ Online Newsroom

Example: A newsroom for gearheads
A newsroom for gearheads

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Porsche Belgium’s Online Newsroom

Example: Welcome to Porsche's showroom
Welcome to Porsche's showroom

Land Rover Belgium’s Online Newsroom

Example: Automotive newsroom
Automotive newsroom

👉 Learn why journalists love newsrooms and how to develop yours.

Volkswagen Belgium’s Online Newsroom

Example: Volkswagen's news hub
Volkswagen's news hub

Audi Belgium’s Online Newsroom

Example: A clean & crisp newsroom
A clean & crisp newsroom

SKODA Belgium’s Online Newsroom

Example: An organized brand hub
An organized brand hub

Hyundai Belgium’s Online Newsroom

See how Hyundai Benelux uses Prezly to deliver their PR activities right here.
Example: Auto newsroom
Auto newsroom

Mitsubishi Belgium’s Online Newsroom

Example: Mitsubishi's bold newsroom
Mitsubishi's bold newsroom

Isuzu Belgium's Online Newsroom

Example: Powered for life
Powered for life

Automotive Press Release Examples

So you have seen what an online newsroom for an automotive brand can look like, not it's time to see just how stunning and impactful a visual press release can look and feel.

Below are just three out of dozens of automotive press releases which have been sent out via Prezly that we feel provide a great example of a visual press release. Rich content in the form of high-quality image galleries, embedded videos and plenty of technical content so stakeholders can enjoy the press release to its full potential.

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