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No more switching between Wordpress, Mailchimp and Excel. Get everything your team needs for great comms, all in one place.

1. Get to know your contacts

Spending hours updating contact lists and sending email blasts? Prezly’s friendly CRM makes it easy to organize your contacts, spot bad emails and personalize your outreach.


2. Tell your story in full color

Create beautiful online newsrooms, publish your stories, embed galleries, livestreams and more, and build your audience – without relying on your tech team.


3. Discover what works

No need to guess who’s reading your content. See exactly how your readers interact with your campaigns and use those stats to inform your follow-up.


Why Prezly?

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With Prezly, we can make journalists' jobs easier. They can easily find what they're looking for in one simple package.

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Who owns your story?

News outlets? Marketing? Facebook? We believe you should be able to tell your story on your own terms, and share it with the people who can't wait to hear it.

We built Prezly to give you the tools to do just that.

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