Estée Lauder - How one international brand uses Prezly to tell visual stories

Estée Lauder’s Benelux PR team leads communications of the company’s brand and sub-brands across the region in Dutch, Flemish and French

With up to 5 product launches a month and an ever-expanding media landscape, the team found it a challenge to keep in touch with hundreds of important media outlets, bloggers, and stakeholders, especially across all three languages.

Previously, the team had to share high-resolution images and videos with journalists and stakeholders on CDs sent through the post. This meant longer lead times and no scope to make edits later on. Sending items by mail also made it difficult to keep track of who had been sent what.

Dominique Nellens, Estée Lauder’s PR Manager in Benelux, realised they needed to find new PR tools to deal with these new challenges and the way the world was changing.

Prezly gives Estée Lauder a PR makeover

Now, using Prezly, the team has created a multilingual multimedia hub to publish Estée Lauder’s announcements quickly and painlessly. The time taken to create and send announcements is the same regardless of the number of recipients.

Journalists and bloggers no longer need to wait for individual CDs to be mailed out. Instead, they are sent a link to one centralised newsroom where all the text, video and high-resolution images associated with a story are already there, waiting for them.

"Prezly becomes like another member of the team. I can refer sources there. I can just send an email and say everything is online. It works on everything from smartphones to tablets. Everything is in one place, online at recipients' fingertips, in high resolution."

What’s more, Prezly’s also enables Dominique and her team to see who reads story releases and downloads visuals.

Prezly improves team communication and collaboration. Any team member can access any story, from anywhere and on any device.

And regardless of IT ability, any team member can upload announcements and distribute them to journalists. The built-in tagging system makes it possible to add intelligence to contacts and enhance content behind the scenes.

"You don’t have to be a PR Manager to use Prezly. You upload your releases from the brand team once translated. It’s spreading throughout our brands because, even if you don’t have an agency or a manager, you can send announcements and get results."

Bringing brands into the future

Following Prezly’s successful integration at Estée Lauder Benelux, a number of sub-brands across the Estée Lauder family, including Bobbi Brown, have now adopted Prezly.