Prezly for galleries & museums

Bring your exhibitions to your biggest fans

Manage your contact lists, send newsletters and create multimedia newsrooms that show your exhibits in all their glory.


Take your exhibition international

Why confine your work to the very few able to visit in person? Educate and inspire without limit using simple yet powerful tools: your newsroom, email campaigns and CRM. Book a free demo or start a trial to learn more.

Improve your PR workflow, instantly

Create stunning, unlimited image galleries

Share your exhibitions with the world using high-resolution, meticulously captioned galleries that won't eat up your bandwidth.


For me, Prezly is an online version of the museum itself. Our museum is like a discovery platform for a lot of stakeholders, not only visually, but also creatively.

Veerle Ausloos

Share your latest news, acquisitions & exhibition announcements

Create a first-hand source of truth for journalists, scholars and visitors alike. With time, your online newsroom will tell your museum's legacy.


Inspire your followers

Your audience wants more – why not give it to them? Your Prezly newsroom has a GDPR-compliant newsletter subscription built in, making it simple for you to share your latest stories with your biggest fans.


There are always people who are interested in your museum, but they don't have the money or time to physically visit. We wanted to share our story internationally.

Suzanne de LangeDIVA
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Suzanne de Lange

Publish artist & curator interviews

Let audiences go behind the scenes by sharing original content they can't get elsewhere. You can embed anything from podcasts to social posts to livestreams in your Prezly newsroom – no tech support required.


Reach members, journalists & subscribers

Organize all your contacts using segments and tags to curate your news for each audience. And with campaign analytics, you get full oversight of who are your greatest fans.


The biggest change for me working with Prezly, is we now have more time to invest in the content making.

Annelies EvensMuseum M
Museum M
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annelies evens m leuven
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