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Align your message

Want global distribution that’s consistent, measurable and impactful? Prezly allows you to easily customize your content to a local market.

We've always had good relationships locally, but Prezly has allowed us to pitch at the regional and national level in a really sophisticated way.

Sarah BeattyM&C Comms

Bring your news to life!

From hi-res galleries to livestreams, tweets, PDFs and reviews, our editor can embed pretty much anything in your story – and deliver it to your contacts without overloading their mailbox.

The fact that we can put a lot of multimedia content in our stories is very, very helpful. It's everything on one platform.

Angela Makamure
Angela MakamureMSF SA

Get out of Excel hell

“But I love using Excel, it’s just so simple and fun!” – said no one, ever. 

Get yourself a management system you actually enjoy using.

Prezly gives you all the power of contact tracking with none of the admin. Organize your lists by location, industry, beat or add your own tags. We put you in control.

Keep those media lists clean

Sending duplicate emails to the same person? Embarrassing. To an expired email? Pointless.

Our smart software sorts it out. Prezly will tell you which contacts need your attention, identify bad addresses and flag potential dupes to keep your contact lists squeaky clean. Zero effort, big reward.


I like the feedback Prezly gives me about my outreach. Who read my email, who didn’t, that sort of stuff. And based on that, I update my contact database.

Tom Van de VrekenSpokesperson at De Lijn
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Targeted email outreach

Easily segment your audience and get valuable insights into how each person engages with your content.

Prezly makes it easy to tag contacts and segment them into groups. This enables us to deliver news to the right contacts and avoid spamming the rest, which helps us keep our communications relevant.

Jens Schäfer
Jens SchäferCrytek
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