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Align your message

We all know that to be truly effective, global brands need to do local outreach, but this sometimes means your core messaging gets distorted along the way. 

With Prezly, you can create localized, multilingual versions of your newsrooms, all while keeping your messaging aligned thanks to easy duplication options and unparalleled tools for remote collaboration.

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Bring your news to life!

Businesses produce so many visuals with each product launch – wouldn’t it be great to have an effective hub where you could put them all? 

From hi-res galleries to video demos, Tweets, PDFs and reviews – our pitch editor can embed pretty much everything in your story – and deliver it to your contacts without overloading their mailbox.

“We have very engaged employees who love to tell stories. In order to do so, we needed a good platform.”
Annelies Nauwelaerts, PR Manager at IKEA
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Intuitive interface

Software should only make your life easier. That’s why we use a simple timeline to display your team’s relationship with each of your contacts.

That’s why our pitch editor makes it possible for you to seamlessly insert images, video, whole galleries and more into any part of your press release.

That’s why our newsrooms are fully customisable and can equally work straight “out of the box”.


Get out of Excel hell

No more spreadsheets

“But I love using Excel, it’s just so straightforward and fun!” – said no one, ever. 

Get yourself a management system you actually enjoy using. Prezly gives you all the power of contact tracking with none of the admin. Organise your lists by location, industry, beat or add your own tags. We put you in control.

“I like the feedback Prezly gives me about my outreach. Who read my email, who didn’t, that sort of stuff. And based on that, I update my contact database.”
Tom Van de Vreken, Spokesperson at De Lijn
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Keep those media lists clean

Good housekeeping

Sending duplicate emails to the same person? Embarrassing. To an expired email? Pointless.

Our smart software sorts it out. Prezly will tell you which contacts need your attention, identify bad addresses and flag potential dupes to keep your contact lists squeaky clean. Zero effort, big reward.

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Targeted email outreach

Want to segment your contact list by geography, activity, specialisation? No problem. With email distribution built in, you can easily choose who to contact and get valuable metrics around how each person engages with your content.

“There’s a big advantage in workload. Prezly saves us time.”
William Meerschaut, PR Manager at Hyundai
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Full GDPR compliance

Data protection is important, but the process of getting set up to meet regulations can seem like an endless bureaucratic nightmare. Well, no more! At Prezly, we’ve made sure that you have all the tools you need to be compliant with the GDPR. 


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Whether you’re running PR in-house or as part of a big agency, we have all the tools you need to deliver the right story to each contact, every time.

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Save time on reporting. Prezly links each news piece with an author, outlet and story, so you can get performance data and report in just a few clicks.

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