Music Press Release Examples: The Greatest Hits

Learn how some of the top brands get coverage with these tried-and-tested music press release examples. Ready? Let's jam.

*Music* Press Release Examples: The Greatest Hits

What is a music press release?

A music press release is a document published and distributed online by the PR representative of a music agency or talent to publicize news about an artist.

Music press releases are generally issued to herald things like:

  • An album launch
  • A tour announcement
  • A collaboration
  • A new music video
  • Award wins

Music press releases generally feature all the hallmarks of a regular press release, with the addition of audio files or a playlist, for example, linked from Spotify or Soundcloud.

Press release builders like Prezly let you embed multimedia like this straight within your press release, so it's worth taking advantage of these tools.

Other elements you can include in a press release for an artist is artwork of their new launch, publicity posters for their upcoming gig, and quotes from press reviews and interviews.

Learn more about how to write a great press release, or scroll on for some brilliant music press release examples.

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