We just made notes better with pinning and mentioning.

Keeping everyone informed just got even easier. Mention your teammates to notify them about your latest contact interaction or why not pin the note to the top of your activity feed so it never gets missed?

Teammate mentioning

Since we first released notes over a year ago we have seen contact profiles and activity streams become more and more useful. You've been keeping track of meeting notes, tasks, reminders and more.

Most noticeable to us was that you were posting these notes for your teammates, to make sure they are just as informed as you. Now that'll be even better, simply mention them in the note by typing "@" followed by their name and once you post the note, we'll send them a notification and the content of the note. You can now rest assured that your team are always in the loop.

Note Pinning

Along with teammate mentioning, one of the most frequent requests we received for notes was the ability to stop your most important notes getting lost in time.

That's why we're introducing pinning. You can now pin your most important notes to the top of the contact profile. All other activity will come after your pinned notes.

Other (smaller) Updates

  • When adding new contact tags you can now see your existing tags and select from that list
  • Web URL's and email addresses in notes are now automatically detected and automagically linked
  • Region is now called 'State/Province' everywhere
  • Improved copy and paste formatting in content editors
  • Improved notification email layout
  • Predefined segments to the contacts list to easily identify your bounced, unsubscribed and subscribed contacts.