Watch now: an interview with digital comms legend Rand Fishkin 🤩

Watch now: an interview with digital comms legend Rand Fishkin 🤩

Recording available to watch online now!

It's time for a new episode of our Roundtable – the show where we interview some of the finest comms people we know and get your questions answered.

This time, I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that we'll be joined by digital comms expert, serial entrepreneur, and my personal hero, Rand Fishkin.

UPDATE: The full episode is available to watch free online right here, right now:

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How Not To Be Evil feat. Rand Fishkin
Join Jesse Wynants and Rand Fishkin to learn how to use digital tools and tactics to get ahead in your PR. Watch the whole series free only at

Rand famously founded the digital marketing hub Moz and, more recently, SparkToro – a platform for finding the right audience for your content. He's already huge in marketing circles, and now we'll get to see how his expertise can help you get ahead in your company comms.

We'll be talking...

  • All things digital tools
  • How to use the internet to find and grow an attentive audience
  • Applying digital marketing elements to your PR (e.g. to show the long-term value of your campaigns 😱)
  • How to do all of the above without being evil 😈

... and heaps more.

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Kate Bystrova

Chief Storyteller, Prezly

Published Tuesday, July 20, 2021