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Ensure your emails are delivered

Ensure your emails are delivered

“How can I ensure my emails are delivered?” This very simple email marketing question might also be the one with the most complicated answer.

That’s why today, Prezly is announcing A simple, surefire way to get your emails to your contacts.

As of today, all accounts will be provided with an email address that is fully managed and maintained by Prezly. That shiny new address will be generated based on your account and license name: [email protected]

Using the addresses will ensure great deliverability. And here's the best part: no IT intervention necessary! 

Why are we doing this?

Spam has become a big problem. According to statista, about 61% of email traffic is spam.

In the fight against spam, email providers such as Office365 and Gmail are becoming increasingly strict about the setup of your email infrastructure. An important example of that is their introduction of a new, standardized approach to email validation, called DMARC, which is used to crack down on the proliferation of spam. 

While we should be grateful for people and organisations that are fighting spam on our behalf, there is a big downside for email marketers who send legitimate emails with services like Prezly. 

The feature will ensure that those marketers can enjoy great email deliverability, without any configuration whatsoever.

What does this mean for you?

  1. When setting up an email campaign, you will now have the option to use your new email address.
  2. We’ve also gone through all the email addresses you’ve used to send campaigns in the past, and have marked the ones with the best deliverability as your default.
  3. We’ve improved the overall experience of sending email on someone else’s behalf: the email composer will now provide you with clear information on the health of your sender addresses.
  4. We’re continuously monitoring the deliverability rate of your email campaigns and will alert you if something seems wrong.

Happy emailing! 

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Idries Al-Bender

Content, Marketing, and Customer Success, Prezly
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