Find and merge duplicate contacts

How to search for duplicates and consolidate them

After you import your contacts, Prezly automatically searches for duplicates, which is based on finding identical email addresses.

Find duplicates

On the Contacts page, you can find the complete list of duplicates, by using the "Duplicate" rule in the filter.

Duplicates in your contacts list can be seen with a red icon attached to their avatar. When you click on a contact that has the red icon, you will be able to see a list of all contacts that are detected as potential duplicates.

Merge or ignore

Open the Contact Preview to find which contacts are considered duplicates.

Then you can choose to either combine all contact data (notes, coverage, pitches) with the other contact by clicking on "Merge Contact" or confirm that the contact is not a duplicate by selecting "Not a duplicate."

Merge Contact

When you decide to merge contacts, there are two possible outcomes:

  1. No conflicts. The system will combine both contacts into one.
  2. Conflicting data. You will see a popup that allows you to mark which information you want to keep or how to handle conflicting information.

Handling a conflict

If there is conflicting information a dialog will be presented with the ability to mark which data/information you want to preserve.

Mark the data you want to preserve by clicking the "Keep this one" button on the left or right side of the information review step.

When you click on "Merge contact" the information is combined and preserved on a single contact.