Sending campaigns from Private & Embargo Stories

Sending emails with a Private or Embargoed story attached

Anyone who receives the email – whether or not it is in Private or Embargo mode – is redirected to the full story online if they click on it, will have the link to the story, and will also be able to share that link with other people. 

⚠️ Note: If your story contains truly sensitive information, be mindful of who you share it with.

Campaigns or pitches with Private stories

When you send emails with Private Stories attached, only your recipients (people with the link to the story) will be able to see it. Private Stories do not appear in your sites, search engines won't pick them up, and there are no "Share" buttons.

Campaigns or pitches with Embargo stories

When you send emails with Embargo Stories attached, only your recipients (people with the link to the story) will be able to see it until the embargo is over. When it's still on Embargo mode, there is a message at the top of the email letting the reader know that the Story will remain private until the scheduled date and/or time. When the set date is reached, the press release or Story will automatically be changed to Public mode.

It's important to note that, once the email is sent, the Embargo message does not disappear even when the set date or time is reached. Once an email reaches your contacts' inbox, you will have no control over how the email appears.

Embargo visibility is only available in Core, Premium, and Enterprise plans.


Read more about Story Visibility settings

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