Create app password to access your Google mailbox

A secure way to provide access to your Google Mailbox.

Go to your Google Account page

Navigate to:

Go to the App Passwords section

Click Security menu item in the left sidebar

Scroll to the Signing in to Google panel and click App password

Note: The App Passwords section is available only if you have Two-Step Verification enabled on your account. Please make sure it's enabled before proceeding. Two-Step Verification is a recommended practice to secure your account.

Create an App password for Prezly

On the App passwords page, open the Select app drop-down and choose Mail

Choose Other In the Select Device drop-down

And type Prezly Mailbox Sync into the text field appeared

Click Generate and copy the given password (4 groups of characters in the yellow box).

Use the password to connect your mailbox in Prezly

Now input the password in Prezly in the Connect mailbox page.