The new ✨Agency Plans✨, self-upgrades, navigation beta & more

The new ✨Agency Plans✨, self-upgrades, navigation beta & more

What's new in Prezly?

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New plans that are perfect for (PR) agencies

We recently launched a new Agency Plan that is designed to fit into the specific workflows of PR (Prezly offering for PR Agencies) and digital agencies handling multiple clients. Starting from €300 ($300) per month, this plan includes contact management, campaigns, sites and coverage, team permissions settings, and full multimedia support.

Want to benefit from this new plan? Learn more →

New Plans page & self-upgrade option

The latest updates offers you more control over billing settings, plus a better overview of you subscription & plan limits. Meet the brand new Plans page, the improved Billing page, and last, but definitely not least, the ability to self-upgrade directly in the Prezly app. For info on billing, plans, and upgrades, click here →

💡 How can I upgrade my plan?​ 1. Choose a plan ​2. Confirm your billing information​ 3. Review the details of your upgrade and purchase your plan upgrade!


In beta: The new side navigation layout

A left sidebar navigation has long been a faster and more effective way for users to find exactly what they're looking for to get their storytelling work done. So, we've redesigned the app's entire main navigation to give users a better overview and faster access through a vertical set of options that is easier to scan. It's simply a more structured and progressive interface that keeps things compact and frictionless ✨

Click here to try the new navigation for your account. We'd love to know what you think!



Interesting user insights from our recent study

We recently ran a user research study to learn more about the day to day challenges our customers have, what they want to achieve, and what their workflows look like. Here are some of our findings we thought you might find interesting!

Here’s a great tip: embed vertical videos in your stories if you want to get them shared on TikTok and Instagram.

Vertical videos are easy to film on your phone, and get your message across quicker than starting with a landscape video and then editing it. How to embed video →

Have a hard time keeping things consistent across a big team, or find yourself having to paste in the same content into different stories over and over? 😩

Well, good news! Clients say they save heaps of time by storing their most frequently used content as Snippets – content like boilerplates, disclaimers, and even press release templates. Here’s how →

Spending more time on influencer marketing and working with brand ambassadors that are the right fit for your brand is becoming an increasingly important strategy, several PR agencies and in-house comms teams have told us.

This is particularly true for those in the lifestyle, gaming and education sectors.

Some of the comms pros we spoke with asked for more webinars on how to get the most out of specific features, like using segments to store multiple contact lists or setting up site branding.

What would like to learn about? Reply to let us know and we’ll make it happen! 👀

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