New and improved embeds

While we've supported adding website links and videos to your stories for quite some time now, we decided it was time to improve these embeds to make your stories look even greater.

Updated list of embeds
Updated list of embeds

Add web bookmark

This embed or block was created to replace the previous 'Add link' option. With the new web bookmark, your link preview has a much cleaner and less bulky appearance, and it also renders better in email campaigns.

See below for an example ↓

Website preview
How sea otters can fight climate change
Recovering populations of sea otters don't just transform their ecosystems, they can turn them into a powerful carbon sink.


Add video

We've worked on improvements on this embed and it now has better UI rendering (interface over the video). When sent in an email campaign or a pitch, the video also looks sharper as the image preview is now replaced with real html instead.

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