How to translate a Story

See how to publish stories in multiple languages

Prezly supports publishing stories and emails in 34 languages. See our list of supported languages. You can easily create stories with multiple languages, within the story editor, making it easy to manage multiple translations at once.


💡Pro Tip: Before you can start translating your Stories, you need to add the languages beforehand in your Site settings. Here's how.

After that step is complete, you can start translating your stories using the steps below.


Translate your Story using the Story Editor

In the editor menu for your chosen Story, you can click on the Actions dropdown and then on Language & Translations or directly on the Language & Translations button in the right sidebar.


After you select the a language, Prezly will create a copy of that story that will immediately show on the editor. Then, you just need to translate the text in the story without having to re-upload all the assets, such as images and videos.

You will also be able to view all story translations and language options when you click on Language & Translations. This lets you switch between different translations of your story without having to leave the page.



Translate a story from the Stories overview

On the Stories page, hover over a story and click on the options menu ("•••"). Then, click on Translate. This works the same way as translating a story from inside the story editor outlined above.


💡 Remember, if you can't find a certain language in the dropdown menu, you will have to enable that language in your Site settings first. 

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