How to embed multimedia in your story

Embed everything from YouTube videos to audio files, contact details to tweets in your Prezly stories

It's easy to embed multimedia into your stories using the green + button:



💡 Pro tip: Already know what you want to embed? Bypass the green + menu and type "/" ​ on a new line followed by the thing you want to embed, e.g. "/image", then hit enter to select the option you want. Easy peasy.

Types of embeds you can add to the Story Editor

Image or GIFs (you can also add links to an image embed)

  • Video: Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia 
  • Audio: Soundcloud, Spotify
  • Files or documents: Slideshare, Prezi, Word, PDF
  • Contact information
  • Social post: Tweets, Instagram, or Facebook
  • Typeforms
  • Links from other websites
  • Story bookmarks (published stories from your site(s))
  • Tables

See the full list of supported content here.

How do I add an embed to my story?

Embeds are added by clicking on the green + button within the Story Editor.

When clicking on the + button, you will see a dropdown menu that includes the full list of embed options.


Select the embed you wish to add to your Story. Depending on the type of embed, you can either upload a file or simply copy and paste the link of the embed (e.g. Youtube link) and it will be placed inline within your Story.

Removing embeds

First you select an embed you would like to remove. Depending on a type of the embed, if you don't get an additional menu, then you can simply press delete on your keyboard. If you see the settings menu like in the example on the image, use the option "Remove". Once you click on it, the embed will be deleted from your Story.




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