Coming soon: Prezly's first dark theme 😎

A preview of the upcoming theme, new privacy settings, story editor updates, and more

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We're launching another theme soon!

The upcoming Marcel theme is Prezly’s first ever dark theme. Compared to our other themes, this layout focuses on text content more than images, and is more compact with the subscription form and “About” section always visible on the right side of the site. The Marcel theme is great for showcasing content listed by dates like changelogs, directories, portfolios, resources and more.

Here's a peek at the new theme!


Previously, we added a field in your sites’ Privacy settings for a Custom Privacy Policy link. We’ve now also added a field for a Custom Data Request link. Every site’s footer has a default “Privacy request” link, where you can request for the site owner to delete or edit your personal data, or share with you how your data is being used.


Subscription form toggle

Also in your Privacy settings, you’ll see a shiny new option to add or remove the subscription form from your sites. This form allows visitors to subscribe to communications from a site and is toggled on by default.


Another addition to our Story Editor is a menu for image embeds! When adding an image embed, you can now see two separate buttons to crop or replace the image. And when you add a link to the image, you can also choose to have the link open in a new tab.


Story bookmarks

Coming soon in a couple of weeks is the Story Bookmark! This embed enables you to select stories from a dropdown list of all your published stories across all your sites (if you have more than one) and add them as embeds in your stories.


Bug fixes ✓

  • Fixed issue that was causing the "Send campaign" button in Step 4 of the campaign composter to appear grayed out
  • Fixed issue in the Story Editor that kept reverting images to its original full size, even after resizing/scaling the image
  • Fixed broken Visibility settings for newly released themes

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