Introducing Click reports, improved Site contacts & more

Introducing Click reports, improved Site contacts & more

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Introducing: Campaign click reports!

The Clicked list specifically displays contacts who clicked on at least one single link in the published story attached to the email. This could be an image link, a video, an attachment, or the "Read more" link. However, the Clicked list didn't specify which links were being clicked and didn't count the links included in the email text.

So, we improved click tracking in emails so that ALL links are tracked, and decided to add Click reports that show you more in-depth reporting on which links are performing best and who exactly is clicking on them!

Learn more about Click reports →

⚠️ Click reports are only available for Premium or Enterprise plans. If you wish to activate this feature, please go to your Plans page in your Subscription & Billing settings.

Improved: Site contact embeds

The Site contacts embed has been improved so that you can now choose the layout of your contact information, as well as use the embed as an email signature.

Site contacts were previously exclusive to only the story editor, but with this update, you are able to add your site contacts to campaigns, pitches, and last but not least, snippets.

And if you have site contacts set up across the different sites that you manage within your Prezly account, you'll be able to insert site contacts from any site into your stories, campaigns, or pitches. Say hello to universal contact sharing! 👋

Learn more about what you can do with the Site contact embed →

Contact search filtering in campaign reports

The Campaign report recipients tabs now supports filtering! All of the filters from the Contacts page are available, along with some campaign-specific metrics, like click counts.

Prezly themes got an upgrade

Prezly's built-in site themes – Bea, Lena, Greta – have been upgraded to the latest versions of libraries they use: React 18 and Next 13. 

The upgrade to Next 13 brings many great features that reduce the client bundle and unnecessary network requests. This is a game-changer, as it allows us to significantly improve all metrics and get rid of lots (and lots!) of code, and it makes all Prezly sites load even faster ⚡️

Learn more about what this upgrade means for your sites →

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