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BEA theme official release & webinar

Learn more about the new theme and our plans for themes to come, plus other Story Editor updates coming your way

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What's new in Prezly?

Get a full list of our latest releases and announcements, feature improvements, and bug fixes all in our changelog

NEW: BEA, the official release and webinar

We're excited to officially introduce a new generation of site themes, starting with the new default, BEA theme! You can already check out the theme on your site Themes Settings page.

As part of the launch, we're hosting The Future of Prezly's site themes webinar on MAR 9, 2022 to walk you through how you can use the new theme for your existing sites and we’ll also cover our plans for themes to come.

Register here to see the new theme in action, and why we made it fully open-sourced and customizable, allowing users with development resources to have even more control over site design and branding.


COMING SOON: Alignment for Titles and Subtitles

Last month we made it possible to align text in stories and campaigns, and we’ll soon be adding text alignment for your stories' Titles and Subtitles!


NEW: New look for the embed menu

We've given the list of embeds a makeover and divided it into 3 sections – Basics, Media content, and Prezly content – so it’s now easier for everyone to quickly select the type of embed they wish to add.


NEW: Styling options for Web Bookmarks

Last month, we released Web Bookmark, the newer version of the Link embed. The Web Bookmark now has a menu that allows you to choose the embed’s layout – vertical or horizontal – and can also choose whether you want the link to open in new or in the same tab.

So cool that even Mr. Cat did a double take!


We’ll also be releasing menus for more embeds this week. Keep a lookout for more options for the Image, Gallery, and Attachment embeds very soon.


OUT THIS WEEK: Auto-save for the Story Editor

You know that moment of panic when you accidentally close your browser and realize you didn't hit “save” on your story? This is where auto-save jumps in and saves the day, and even that wonky internet connection won’t make you lose any of your work. :)


Prezly Roundups 

Our new updates, fixes, and articles take you through what's new so you can take advantage of ​ Prezly’s latest tips and features.

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