Prezly features

Craft stunning pitches that get results

A pitching process so intuitive that using it becomes second nature, freeing you up to do your best work every single day.

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Create your pitch

Using the Prezly pitch editor couldn’t be simpler – just copy in your content and press the little green plus to add whatever multimedia you want.

How about an Instagram story of your latest product launch, or a winsome Tweet from your CEO?

From stunning galleries and mesmerising videos, to Soundcloud audio and Pinterest posts; you name it, you can embed it.

Central hub for your news (newsroom)

Hit publish

What better way to showcase your work than through completely customisable, utterly on-brand newsrooms? Well, great news: with Prezly, multiple newsrooms come as standard.

And they’re easy as pie to set up and use. 

Branded newsrooms

Tell the world

Make sure your gorgeous stories get seen with our built-in mail client that tracks how each of your contacts interacts with your content.

Craft your message, plug in a story from your newsroom and set the criteria for which contacts you want to reach; we’ll take care of the rest.

Global news local outreach (translations)


Just hit “send” when you suddenly remember another contact the pitch would be perfect for? No problem – you can send 1-to-1 pitches from anywhere in Prezly, add latecomers to existing campaigns and follow up straight from your report page.

It really couldn’t be simpler. 

Insight into audience engagement


The larger your team, the harder it is to work together without stepping on each other’s toes. That’s why we built Prezly to give you a full, straightforward overview of who’s doing what.

You’ll be able to instantly see who’s been in touch with each contact and when, as well as what pitches have been sent – ensuring no journalist gets sent the same thing twice.

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Track engagement

Let’s stop assuming everything you send to your contacts is being read, and let's find out for sure. Prezly gives you at-a-glance insights into exactly who opens your emails and immediately tells you if there’s an issue with any address. 

But it also goes beyond email. By publishing your stories in your very own fully branded newsroom, you can track what stories your contacts view, the videos they watch and which images they download.

Improve your workflow